Science & Technology

The aims and functions:
a. Organizing activities that can add insight and abilities (skills) both to members of the IAAS LC-UB
b. Organizing training and seminars (symposiums, workshops or discussions) relating to improving the ability of IAAS LC-UB Members in Science and technology in agriculture and related sciences.
c. Fostering, encouraging members to do more, increase group discussions that discuss the development of Science and Technology, especially in the field of agrocomplex by using international languages ​​such as English.


Tractor Learning

Purpose: Training IAAS members for operating tractors and get certificate that can use for Exprointer requirement

Description: A project for developing skills of IAAS members in the agricultural technology sector by training in using tractors and getting certified

Zero Pollution Seminar  

Purpose: Educating Malang society the important of clean air and branding of IAAS to wide society

Description: The seminar is aimed at the wider community by inviting expert speakers who aim to increase the concern of the poor to pollution.The seminar participants will not only be IAAS members but also open to the public or non IAAS members.

What’s Up Malang          

Purpose: To increase STD members awareness of his/her environment and to increase STD members critical thinking

Description: A Group discussion that consist of std members and managers that discussing what happened at their surrounding that can be discussed to be solved

Bincang-Bincang Quy (BBQ)

Purpose: Increasing STD member problem solving skills, increasing the STD members knowledge of science and technology based on external speakers information

Description: A group discussion that can contain a external speaker that have a majority in a problem that we have been discussed. That hopefully the discussion will solve the problem

Monthly IAAS Impact

Purpose: Branding IAAS for the wide society, completing task of college student (Tridharma perguruan tinggi), and increasing wide society knowledge

Description: An agenda that formed by any member of IAAS that have an objective to apply our suggestion to the problem that we found in our surroundings

Great Day Remembrance

Purpose: Celebrating Agricultural Great Day and increasing wide society knowledge

Description: An article about agricultural great day that will make wide society knows why we must celebrate it