Project Department responsible in facilitating member’s needs in doing community dedication and implement the community dedication through the Village Concept Project program

In this year, Project department will be conducting 6 main events;
1. IAAS Camp on Village (ICOV)
ICOV is the program that conducted to giving both IAAS and Non-IAAS members by living in activites with the villagers in agrocomplex area, jointly doing work as farmers and do some community discussion related to the topic raised. This year, ICOV will be held in Brau Village

2. Project IAAS UB Berbagi (Pagi-pagi)
Conduct group discussion with Science and Technology Department Related to the topic. This program will be conduct by all elements in project department. In technical there will be different action according to the topic. For first topic which is HPSN (Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional) we will do some oration and give some food in eco friendly packaging. The purpose of this project is to increase the awareness of social problems.

3.Youth Agriculture (YACT)
A national program from IAAS Indonesia that collaboration with STD which will be held in three places, which are school, car free day and village/VCP. This program will be conducted bu Eco-Move Team and STD. The purpose of this event is to increase the awareness of all scope in society about agriculture and science issues,

4. Green Movement
is an environment action for all IAASer of IAAS LC-UB in the form of planting a yearly pla nt or mangroove plant in critical places. This program will conduct by Eco-Move Team and will take 5 members from each department in IAAS LC-UB to plant a plant together. The aim of this event is to enhance IAAS LC UB’s positive impact towards the environment

5. Village Concept Project (VCP)
VCP is a national program from IAAS Inodnesia which develops a village to be more independent that wil increase their life quality from their economy, education and environment or society in agriculure sector especially and hopes the village will has future oriented conducted by all members of Project Dept and other department in IAAS LC UB. The purpose of VCP is to facilitate members needs in community service and also to enhance standard of living of the villagers.