Exchange Program

1. Exchange Trining Internal

Expro Training Internal (INTRAIN) is a program to give the new member of Exchange Program Department a deep glance about what to do in this Department, Know more about the mechanism of Exchange with IAAS, and can explain to the other member from another department about the Exchange mechanism both National and International with IAAS



2. Expro Training External

Expro Training External : facilitate all IAASer member to know more about Exchange Program especially the mechanism of exchange both national and international and motivate them to join exchange. The purpose of EXTRAIN is to provide knowledge about the terms and mechanisms of following the Exchange Program especially abroad, adding insight to hosting countries, sharing experiences with IAAS members who have participated in the Exchange Program, and providing knowledge on how to get funding or sponsorship for the purposes of the Exchange Program.









3. Days of Exchange and Exchange Program NationaI

Days of Exchange is program to promote hosting place of IAAS LC throughout Indonesia to students and the general public by publishing through social media, opening booths in faculties, public campaign in car free day event

Exchange Program NationaI is the main annual event of Exchange Program Department of IAAS Indonesia which offers for students who want to learn and understand more about agricultural and related sciences at national level in this form of internship. We facilitate the students to do internship and apply their personal and professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to work.



4. Exchange Program International

Exchange Program International is one of the programs that facilitate Brawijaya University Students who join IAAS to do Internship abroad. The IAASer or eligible members selected to do internships will be placed at the IAAS Hosting Place. International Exchange Program participants are members of IAAS from several universities such as Universitas Brawijaya who pass the selection through several stages of selection from the Local Committee level to the National Committee.