About Us

Local Committee Brawijaya University (LC UB) was being a student activity unit in university at 1999 (SK no.105/SK/1999) after struggling since it formed at 1992. One of requirement for being admitted as university activity unit was the members of IAAS must coming from minimum 4 faculties, and when the fishery faculty, husbandry faculty and agriculture technology faculty were separated from agriculture faculty then IAAS could admitted as a university activity unit in Brawijaya University. At the first time LC UB was share the room with Menwa (at 3 organization period times, 1997-2000) after its place before always moving followed where’s the local committee director have been, but then LC UB got the permanent place in Sekretariat Bersama Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Brawijaya University

IAAS Local Committee Brawijaya University (LC-UB) was accepted as candidate member IAAS Indonesia in 1993. The person who propose founding IAAS LC-UB at that time was the leader of SEMA Agriculture Faculty, Ahmad Sirojuddin whose then occupied as Local Committee Director (LCD) IAAS LC-UB in the first period. In 1994 this status changed into full-member. First activity in that time was Exchange Program activity especially in sending program by sending a member of IAAS LC-UB to Swiss for internship in farming for at least 3 months. In second period, IAAS LC-UB was being an organizer for National Congress IAAS Indonesia in 1995. Another activity was sending a member to followed internship for 3 months in Netherlands.

In this period some LC UB members followed internship in Swiss, Germany, and Finland. Intern organization activities had done in the third organization period time. An effort to get permanent secretary, office tools supplying and organizing, organization socialization around Brawijaya University, implementation of language education, and also sending delegation to National Congress and interaction with another LC was the agenda at that period.